A renowned video production company dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors.




Exclusive Production Media Pvt. Ltd. was established with an aim to developing the best possible creative documentaries and broadcasting them in national and international level. We are a company registered with the Government of Nepal in   accordance with Company Act. Exclusive Media came to existence to fill the void of lack of a creative agency that could live up to clients’ desire for creative visual world. We do all kind of works related to electronic media.

We are a team of young people with creative minds who only know how they can help    companies achieve their goals. We also know how to get things done. For the past eight years we are rigorously engaging in developing the best possible creative documentaries to ensure that the intended message or effect is seen or noticed. Our efforts have been  yielding results as business volumes of our clients are growing. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations on all fronts.

With their rich experience in the audio-visual industry, the team of Exclusive Media has produced dozens of documentaries for the Nepal government, various NGOs and corporate houses. The documentaries we produce are being broadcast through leading television channels in Nepal. We make documentaries in English, Nepali and local languages according to the need.

Exclusive Media has well equipped production house with sufficient office space, well furnished separate administrative and technical rooms, own studio for audio mixing and dubbing.


Mr. Siddha Raj Upadhayay, who is executive director of Exclusive Production Media, has  a decade-long experience in the field of documentary & teaching material production as well as News Paper & Television journalism. His enjoyment and critical interest in the media (television, documentary, film, journalism, docudramas, TVCs, music, radio and new media) increased markedly throughout his degree, and has continued to grow since  then.


A high level of research and analytical reading was essential to reach this standard. The experiences of writing articles/reviews, documentaries/short film scripts and adapting a play have increased his confidence in these skills. Mr. Upadhayay can be contacted at 9851135894, email: raj@emedianepal.com.